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Department of Economics and Business Management

Department of Economics and Business Management


Bachelor of Business Administration- BA (Hons) Business & Management

Description of the Business Administration Programme

The goal of the Department of Business Administration at DEI College is to provide students with a wide range of relevant specialties, and specifically, Business Administration and Strategy, Management, Development and International Relations.

The BA (Hons) Business & Management Undergraduate Business Administration Programme is offered in collaboration with the University of Sunderland. It is aimed at candidates who want a highly competitive degree in Business Administration and dream of a successful career in the business world.

It is structured to aid students, by studying fundamental knowledge, in obtaining a solid theoretical foundation, critical thinking skills, and research capabilities. Additionally, through diverse applications, students seek to familiarize themselves with and network within the labor market.

 DEI College students have access to the College library and the University of Sunderland e-libraries, enjoy free participation in DEI College seminars and a privileged discount card at various stores and services

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Why should I choose the Business Administration Programme at DEI College, Thessaloniki?

  • Constantly updated curriculum, which is in line with the needs of the market
  •  Excellent familiarity with the application of theory in diverse areas related to management science and business
  •  Excellent learning of management and finance terminology
  •  Development of intellectual and transferable skills that are an important resource in one’s  professional career
  •  Fully trained and highly qualified teaching staff to guide and help  students understand the subject in depth
  • Possibility of free English language learning
  • Recognized study programme by the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom
  •  Possibility of full-time or part-time study, depending on the needs and abilities  of each student
  • A wide range of modules  to acquire  the necessary knowledge for future professionals
  •  Obtaining a competitive degree for the labor market
  • Large percentage of professional activity of the graduates of the department
  • Fully English-language programme that facilitates career prospects abroad
  •  Expanded absorption potential in various sectors of the financial and business world 

Career Opportunities

The University of Sunderland is one of the UK’s leading universities in terms of student employability. Upon completion of the studies in Business Administration, students will have acquired the fundamental and special knowledge required for the easy start of their career in the field of Business Administration. In addition, they will have developed the transferable skills and competencies required in modern service market segments, including jobs related to providing management and know-how advice to organizations, businesses and banks. In this way, graduates will be able to claim administrative positions, both in small and large companies and organizations, in Greece and abroad, ensuring a successful professional career.

Course structure

The Business Administration study programme in Thessaloniki at DEI College can be completed in 3 years  of full-time study or in 6 years  of part-time study. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, group work and research. Assessment methods also include assignments, research, presentations and written examinations.

Below are presented in detail the modules  of the first year of the School of Business Administration:

  • Business Organisations and Society
    Students will take an in-depth look at the influence of digital technology on ways of working. They will put a specific focus on ‘Place’ and Society in an international, national and local context. They will develop a global perspective on the influence of technologies on working practices and employee behaviour considering historical, ethical, cultural and societal trends.
  • Business Management Skills Development
    Students will develop a selection of transferable employability skills through a diverse range of experiences. They will examine the importance of developing your own professional identity. Also, they will place this identity in the context of changing, challenging and dynamic organisations.
  • Understanding Markets & Marketing
    Students will gain a foundational understanding of the fundamentals of marketing. They will examine global case studies and develop a broad knowledge base of markets and marketing. They will explore the purpose of marketing in business and organisations.
  • Fundamentals of Financial Decision Making
    Students will accomplish a good understanding of firm’s investment and financial decision making. They will develop techniques to interpret and assimilate accounting information. They will benefit from learning the fundamental knowledge of tools of financial decision making.

Below are presented in detail the modules  of the second year of the School of Business Administration:


  • Managing Self and Others
    Students will examine the relevant concepts to evaluate professional behaviour and investigate this in the context of success and performance of organisations. They will study some of the problems that can arise in the workplace. They will analyse cause and resolution strategies to enhance performance and engagement.
  • Delivering Projects for Organisational Success
    Students will explore some of the fundamental and contemporary components necessary to plan, assess and manage successful projects. They will study this in the context of organisational operations, logistics and holistic supply chains. They will develop the knowledge and skills of process and human aspects of project management in delivering organisational success.
  • Integrated Marketing Practice
    Students will build a holistic view of applied marketing through the exploration of contemporary developments, case studies and debates. They will analyse and appraise innovations in marketing thinking and practice that are occurring in response to changes in the marketing environment. They will examine the need for an integrated approach in contemporary marketing practice.
  • Corporate Finance & Portfolio Valuation
    Students will develop a comprehensive national and international understanding of how corporate financial decision-making impacts upon organisational success. They will refine key analytical and interpretive skills within the context of evaluating investment-based portfolios. They will gain a holistic understanding of key topics and concepts in corporate finance including dividend policy, financial statement analysis, sources of finance available to business, mergers and acquisitions, and portfolio analysis.

Below are presented in detail the modules of the third year of the School of Business Administration:

  • Strategic Leadership and Collaboration
    Students will establish the relevant skills and understanding related to strategic leadership and collaboration. They will engage in a critical exploration of theories on the importance of, and approaches to, strategic leadership in organisations. They will understand leadership strategies and their impact on organisational success, resilience and growth alongside the dynamics of personal interaction with colleagues, teams and stakeholders to create collaboration.
  • Managing Business Continuity and Resilience
    Students will critically understand the management of a modern international business organisation. They will consider issues such as crisis management and contingency planning brought about by changing market conditions. They will grasp the key factors that are required for business resilience and growth.
  • Leading and Implementing Organisational Change
    Students will carve out an understanding of the unprecedented levels of uncertainty, ambiguity, technological change and globalization that organisations need to be able to adapt to. They will define change and the important role it plays in contemporary organisations. They will recognize the skills needed to address issues related to identifying, planning and leading successful organisational change.
  • Business Consultancy Project
    Students will examine the fundamental components necessary to effectively source, design, research and disseminate business consultancy projects for small to medium sized businesses and larger companies. They will incorporate an international perspective on consultancy projects. They will consider that the role of a consultancy now requires a blend of both physical and virtual skills.

* Modules  may change each year.

Academic Staff

The academic staff of DEI College consists of experienced instructors  with high educational and professional qualifications . Their professional involvement in this field encourages students to develop their critical thinking so that they can create their own new career opportunities, while at the same time they can meet the challenges of the field. The academic staff’s specialization in global issues and trends, such as competition of demand, strategic planning, quality of services and knowledge of the subject, offers ideal help for the students’ future development

Programme Summary Information:

Classes start: October

Language of instruction: English

Free English lessons start intensively in early September with 6 teaching hours per week and continue throughout the year with 2 hours per week.

In 2018 I graduated from the Department of Finance and Business Administration.  Αfter obtaining my degree, I decided to pursue further  studies by attending the postgraduate programme in Business Administration (MBA), completing my course with complete success. I believe that DEI College is a leading educational institution that provides you with a curriculum with theoretical and practical modules taught by experienced staff  who follow  the latest developments in this field. For this reason, I chose DEI College in order to carry out my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Christos M.

Registration documents

-High school diploma

-ID Card

-English Language Degree (if available)

-College Registration Application (to be completed at the College or Online)

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