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Creative and Professional Writing

Degree in English: Creative and Professional Writing -BA (Hons)


Degree in English: Creative and Professional Writing - BA (Hons)

Description of the English: Creative and Professional Writing Programme

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DEI College’s Department of English: Creative and Professional Writing aims to understand writing as a profession while at the same time giving students the opportunity to explore and develop their own creative talent. Students will receive support to improve their writing and apply their knowledge to literary, technical and professional work.

This programme is designed to help students gain presentation and networking skills to gain exposure to a range of industries where writers are in high demand.

For students looking to extend their writing skills into various creative industries like publishing, literary arts (including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction), as well as media, screenwriting, marketing, communications, and related areas, this program is ideal.

The Undergraduate Programme in English: Creative and Professional Writing, in collaboration with the University of Sunderland, targets candidates seeking specialization in creative and professional writing. Upon completion, graduates will possess a competitive degree, equipping them to vie for coveted positions in the job market.

DEI College students benefit from access to both the College’s library and the University of Sunderland e-libraries. They also receive complimentary attendance to DEI College seminars and are eligible for an exclusive discount card at a variety of stores and services.

Course Structure

The course structure of ΒΑ (Ηons) English: Creative and Professional Writing at DEI College, in Thessaloniki can be completed in 3 years of full-time study or in 6 years of part-time study. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, group work and research, while assessment methods include papers, research, presentations, and written examinations.

Below are presented in detail the modules of the first year of the English: Creative and Professional Writing:

  • The Fundamentals of English Language Study

Students will be introduced to the study of language, focusing on contemporary English. They will learn about the history and variation of the English language, developing analytical skills in morphology, vocabulary, syntax, and phonology.

  • Reading and Literature

Students will be taught British and American literature, including novels, short stories, poems, and plays by authors such as Hardy, Fitzgerald, Plath, Blake, and Shakespeare. Assessments enhance reading and creative writing skills.

  • Writing Short Fiction and Poetry

Students will be introduced to poetry and prose, focusing on form, structure, and technique, including flash fiction and short stories. Additionally, they will practice writing in form and free verse poetry.

  • Mini Project

Students will develop a short project related to literature/language, such as collections of flash fiction, online journals, or teaching-related works.

  • The Business of Writing: Editing and Publishing

Students will be introduced to the literary industry, focusing on editing and publishing activities. They will explore professional opportunities, modern technological tools, and literary genres such as novels, cookbooks, and travel writing.

  • Principles and Practice of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Below are presented in detail the modules of the second year of the English: Creative and Professional Writing:

  • Language and Society

Investigates language’s social context, including social status and geographical influence on linguistic variation. Develops sociolinguistic research skills.

  • Texts and Contexts:

Explores literary history and genres, considering historical, social, and cultural contexts. Analyzes text production, reception, and adaptations.

  • Regional Writing

Literature: Studies regional and working-class literature. Analyzes texts and encourages critical and creative writing.

  • Business of Writing

Pitching, Funding, and Placement: Teaches career development skills for writers, including pitching, funding, and project management. Includes a short placement for real-world experience.

  • Principles and practice of TESOL 2

Below are presented in detail the modules of the third year of the English: Creative and Professional Writing:

  • Major Project

Two-semester project development with supervisor guidance and industry mentorship. Project engages with specified learning outcomes and undergoes review and evaluation.

  • Reading as Writers

Focuses on professional reading skills in a career context, with industry-led lectures and practical workshops.

  • Writing Dynamic Content

Explores digital writing across genres and media. Includes student-led workshops and critical analysis.

  • Writing Gendered Identities

Examines feminist research on gender and language, including discourse and the construction of gender identities.

  • Principles and Practice of TESOL 3

Addresses real-life TESOL scenarios through case studies, syllabus design, and evaluation of ELT materials within international contexts.

* Modules may change each year.

Why should I choose the English: Creating and Professional Writing Programme at DEI College, Thessaloniki?

  • Constantly updated curriculum, which is in line with the needs of the market
  • Excellent understanding and acquisition of a solid foundation in English Language and Literature
  • Language fluency and development of skills for individual study and self-directed learning
  • Excellent learning of English terminology
  • Development of intellectual and transferable skills that are an important resource in one’s professional career
  • Fully trained and highly qualified teaching staff to guide and help students understand their subject of study in depth
  • Possibility of free English language learning
  • Recognized study programme by the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom
  • Possibility of full-time or part-time study, depending on the needs and abilities of each student
  • A wide range of modules to acquire the necessary knowledge for a future career
  • Obtaining a competitive degree for the market
  • Large percentage of professional activity of the graduates 
  • Fully English-language programme that facilitates career prospects abroad

Career Opportunities

The University of Sunderland is one of the UK’s leading universities in terms of student employability. Upon successful completion of their studies in English Creative and Professional Writing, the graduates are equipped with skills that can be used in a variety of work environments.

They are able to understand and analyze complex ideas, as well as to present their thoughts clearly and logically. This will trigger a career in areas such as public administration, education and research, journalism, publishing, text editing, social media and advertising.

Academic Staff

The academic staff of DEI College consists of experienced instructors with high educational and professional qualifications. Their professional involvement in this field encourages students to develop their critical thinking, so that they can create their own new career opportunities, while at the same time they can meet the challenges of the field. The academic staff’s specialization in global issues and trends, such as, competition of demand, strategic planning, quality of services and knowledge of the subject, offers ideal help for the students’ future development.

Programme Summary Information:

Classes start: October

Language of instruction: English

Free English lessons start intensively in early September with 6 teaching hours per week and continue throughout the year with 2 hours per week.

Registration Documents

-High school diploma

-ID Card

-English Language Degree (if available)

-College Registration Application (to be completed at the College or Online)

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