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Extracurricular Activities / Clubs

Extracurricular Activities / Clubs

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EI College is a community that embraces diversity and variety, both when it comes to the people studying and working in it and when it comes to experiences that make life richer inside the classroom and beyond. The Student Clubs cover a wide range of needs and interests and give students the opportunity to experience new things, develop personally and explore their interests, exercise and have fun. Participation in the above activities is free while hours and times are adjusted according to the students’ academic schedule.


  • Leisure Clubs

Students at DEI College have the opportunity to join one or both the leisure clubs listed below:

This club seeks to introduce students to theater and enable them to experience the essence of the dramatic arts and express themselves through word and movement.

The sketch club calls to all those who love drawing and sketching and wish to develop their technique and learn new skills. Students can find new ways of expression and communication, take their style a step further and have fun in the process.

The above clubs are for beginners and do not require any prior skills.


  • Foreign Languages Club

DEI College offers the following foreign language courses:

  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian

These one year courses are for beginners and upon successful completion, students will be able to communicate in the new language on a basic level. Students are not required to limit their attendance to a single course. If they wish so, they may attend more than one language courses.


  • Sports Club

Students at DEI College have the opportunity to join one or more of the sports clubs listed below:

Tennis club

Tennis courses may be attended by beginners or more experienced tennis players. Students may participate in weekly practice sessions in modern sports facilities at the centre of Thessaloniki.

Basketball Team

Students who love this sport may join DEI College’s basketball team and take part in the annual championship of Thessaloniki. In 2014, DEI College basketball team won the Championship of the Hellenic Basketball Federation and established itself as one of the city’s top basketball teams.

Football club

DEI College football club is open to players of all levels, beginners or advanced. Practice sessions take place once a week in modern sports facilities at the centre of Thessaloniki. The Football Club participates annually in privately held local tournaments.


  • Trips

DEI College organises annually a few days’ excursion to a close-by destination, giving students the opportunity to relax for a few days, in the company of their fellow students and professors. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get to know one another, visit new places, have a good time and enjoy new experiences. The destination is decided after taking into account its proximity to Thessaloniki and the costs involved, in order to make the trip affordable for everyone. Students can suggest themselves the next trip’s destination and submit their suggestion through their student representative.


  • Educational Trips

The educational trips organised by DEI College, give students the opportunity to visit collaborating universities and large local companies, see their facilities and learn about the way they operate. The companies that DEI College students visit may vary, depending on the students’ interests and their programme of studies. Educational trips of this kind help students form a comprehensive idea of the companies they visit and witness how the knowledge and the skills they acquire in the course of their studies can be applied in practice. Educational trips to collaborating universities give students the opportunity to visit the university facilities and meet with teaching staff, attend lectures, participate in workshops, and, of course, visit local sights and have a great time with their colleagues and teachers.