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Residence Permit

Residence Permit

Before you apply for the residence permit, you need to collect a number of documents, which need to accompany your application. Don’t forget, you must apply for residence permit at least 40 days before the expiration of your student visa!

  1. Collect all the required documents Required Documents:
    • Four passport size color photos in printed form exclusively passport size (4×6) and in digital form in visual graphic form storage disk – CD JPEG2000.
    • Photocopy of the passport (ALL PAGES even the blank ones)
    • Photocopy of your current STUDENT VISA
    • Paid Fee (e-paravolo) of 150 EUR

      The fee code is 2107 and it is issued by KEΠ or online at DEI College International Office can help you print this fee. You can pay the fee at any bank.

    • An extra paid fee (e-paravolo) of 16 EUR

      The fee code is 2119 and it is issued by KEΠ or online (cost for biometric residence permit). DEI College International Office can help you print this fee. You can pay the fee at any bank.

    • Certificate from DEI College confirming your registration as a student
    • English Language Certificate from DEI College
    • A Health insurance contract/certificate (for one year) from a private company

      The estimated period time you need to wait to receive the health certificate is approximately 1-2 days from a private insurance company. In order to get insurance certificate issued, you need to bring your passport and studies’ certificate with you, as well as to fill in the insurance form. DEI College International Office can help you with the process.

    • A folder (A4) with elastics

      Make copies of all documents gathered and put them in two identical folders, the folder with the originals and the folder with the copies. The folder with the copies is for your personal use in order to keep a record of what you submit. You should check the documents gathered with the International Student Office to make sure you have everything ready.

    • Proof of Financial Support

      You should open a bank account at any Greek Bank and deposit estimated living budget for one year (approximately 800 per month – 9600 euros total). The bank will need your student certificate, a valid phone number, your passport, a proof of your residence address. Ask the bank to provide you with a bank statement of the amount of money you hold in the account you have opened. If you prefer not to deposit all of the required amount immediately (9600 euros), you can simply make a deposit of 800 euros, and along with a bank statement for it, make an official written declaration, “Ypefthini Dilosi” (in Greek) that you will renew this amount of 800 euros every month. DEI College International Office can help you with the process. Please note that some banks require fee in order to provide you with the bank statement.

    • Applications for the authorities

      Please, fill in the application form (written in Greek and English). For further guidance and assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office of DEI College.

  2. Apply for an AFM (before opening a bank account) To apply for an AFM, have with you the letter from DEI College, copy of your passport 1st page and the copy of your student visa. Go to Tsimiski 43 str, 7th floor, offices #5 or #7 (MHTΡΩΟ office) / Assos Odeon shopping center.
  3. Submit the above documents to the municipality – immigration office (periferia)

    All the above documents must be submitted to the Municipality. You must apply at the office of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (Kalamaria, Taki Oikonomidi St. Nr 1). Make sure to go to office #14.

    When you submit all the documents you will receive the Blue CERTIFICATE (veveosi is the Greek Name) which recognizes that your application for a residence permit has been submitted.

    BE VERY CAREFUL: This certificate is your identification paper until your residence permit is issued. If you loose it, there is no official proof that you are staying in Greece legally, since your visa will expire very soon.

    The residence permit can only be received in person; nobody else can collect it for you. Also any changes of your personal details (address in Greece, passport nr etc) should be reported to the Immigration office otherwise you will have to pay a penalty for not notifying the authorities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The International Office of DEI College does not undertake any responsibility in case you do not apply on time!