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Master in International Commercial Law - (LLM)

The Postgraduate Law Department of DEI College consists of experienced and well-trained academic lawyers. These are excellent teachers, with knowledge, contagiousness and a mentality that is completely supportive of our students. The notes and writings of our professors rejoice in the congratulations and recognition of the University of England.

DEI College’s many years of experience in providing academic excellence services to students from Greece and abroad and its periodic evaluation by internationally recognized UK Higher Education Institutions are a guarantee of the high quality services provided by the DEI College of Law both in terms of teaching and supporting its students, as well as in terms of the administrative procedures it applies.

The aim of the Law department is to provide comprehensive education, skills and methods required for the successful professional development of students in the Law field.

DEI College students have access to the College library, the University of Sunderland’s online libraries, free attendance at seminars held at DEI College and a privilege card with discounts in various shops and services.

For more information about the LLM Master's Degree Programme in International Commercial Law fill out the contact form:

The Master of Laws programme offered by DEI College is the following:

LLM in International Commercial Law

The LLM in International Commercial Law – Commercial Law and International Trade LLM provides an innovative and comprehensive curriculum that approaches traditional areas of Commercial Law governing International Trade and at the same time teaches the student applied legal skills. legal methods.

The Postgraduate Law Programme (LLM) in International Commercial Law is aimed to candidates who:

  • Want to expand their sections of professional practice or work in companies operating in strictly regulated market segments
  • They want to learn from experienced law teachers, who have academic specialization and professional experience in the subjects they teach, as well as significant teaching experience with students from Greece and abroad.
  • They want to join an academic community that promotes close collaboration between students and teaching staff and proposes to make learning a participatory and enjoyable experience.
  • They have a vision and want to obtain a master’s degree, which will allow them to make the most of their potential and achieve their professional goals by cultivating their critical thinking and ability to analyze and synthesize knowledge and experiences.

Programme Structure

The programme lasts twelve months and the beginning of the courses takes place in October-November and in January-February of each academic year.

The programme consists of one dissertation, two courses of legal research methodology, as well as the following courses:

  • Advanced legal Skills
    Students will acquire all the knowledge required to research and locate legal information and develop the theory of legal methodology. During the program the skill of legal writing and research will be developed so that all students upon graduation from the master’s program have all the advanced legal skills required by the industry.
  • Commercial Law & International Trade 
    Students will study extensively the basic aspects of commercial law. They will explore how sales contracts are created, the rights of the parties to a contract, and delve into the obligations that these contracts often create in international commercial law. Emphasis will also be placed on the objectives and effectiveness of the principles of commercial law.
  • Applied Legal methods 
    Students will be able to apply the legal skills taught to a research project that is suitable for submission as an academic paper at a formal conference. For this reason, the work will be accompanied by a 15-minute presentation, effectively giving the students the opportunity to work in simulation conditions of a conference. The subject can be determined by the students themselves in collaboration with the head of studies of the Law department. The students should show a clear understanding of the module they have chosen.

  • Legal Research Project 
    This module gives the students the opportunity to freely choose a topic on an object of personal interest that has always interested them and that pushed them and to choose the specific postgraduate or that arose during the specific program. The course is designed primarily to offer students the opportunity to produce a research paper on an object of purely their own interest without the usual limitations of a course and which could be published in a scientific journal.

  • Dissertation  
    Students in collaboration with the head of the law department will develop the formal dissertation of their master’s program. The dissertation is designed to mark the completion of students’ skills at postgraduate level. Students should study a number of defined or optional areas of criminal law, but the key element in the final dissertation is the emphasis placed on independent student research. This module, perhaps more than any other, provides students with the opportunity to work individually on a topic of their choice within the criminal justice field, without the limitations that exist in a particular subject matter.

*Modules may change each year.

Career Opportunities

The University of Sunderland is one of the UK’s leading universities in terms of student employability. With the successful completion of the postgraduate programme (LLM) in International Commercial Law you will have acquired both the specialized knowledge required to provide legal services to Greek and multinational companies operating in transnational trade, as well as the transferable skills and competencies required modern international legal practice.

Programme Summary Information:

Classes start: October or February

Language of instruction: English

Free English lessons start intensively in early September with 6 teaching hours per week and continue throughout the year with 2 hours per week.

Registration documents

-University degree

-ID Card

-Degree in English (if available)

-College Registration Application (to be completed at the College or Online)