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Students Support

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Personal Tutors

All students at DEI College have a personal tutor who supports and monitors their progress throughout the entire course of their studies. The personal tutor’s role is to advise and support the students, facilitating their adjustment to the British educational system and ensuring their academic success. Scheduled meetings with the personal tutors establish regular contact with the students and gradually contribute to the formation of a relationship characterised by trust and mutual respect.

The duties of the Personal Tutor include:

  • Being available (at specified office hours) to discuss any queries or problems students might have associated with their academic work

  • Helping the students plan their own programme of work

  • Helping the student set their own realistic targets

  • Being aware of the students’ stage of development in relation to their programme of studies and to the progress they will need to make

  • Monitoring with the student their own progress on the programme in terms of the list of goals they have set for themselves

  • Discussing any other personal, administrative or financial problem providing references that students may need for the future


Student and Staff Area (Moodle)

Students and Staff Area (Moodle) is an online platform accessible to all DEI students and tutors. All registered students are given an account on the platform, through which they can have remote access to their courses’ learning material, as well as assignment instructions and descriptions. If you are experiencing any problem with your Students and Staff Area account, please contact the IT Department at the following e-mail address:


English Courses

All registered students, regardless of their programme or year of study, can participate free of charge in the following courses:

  • Intensive IELTS courses for new students before the beginning of the academic year

In certain programmes, IELTS is a necessary entry requirement. DEI College offers students the opportunity to prepare for the IELTS examinations free of charge. Courses start throughout the summer and therefore all students can participate regardless of their registration date to DEI College.

  • Terminology courses for new students before the beginning of the academic year

These courses are mainly for new students that are not familiar with the terminology of their academic field and would like to acquire more specialized knowledge in English before they start their studies. Terminology courses start throughout the summer and therefore all students can participate regardless of their registration date to DEI College.

  • September pre-sessional courses

Introduction courses in English (pre-sessional courses) are carried out in September. These courses include a brief introduction to the terminology related to the students’ programme of study, overview of research and literature resources, as well as instructions for citing bibliographical references and writing essays.

  • Complementary English courses during the academic year

While attending lectures related to their programme of studies, students can also attend additional English language courses, scheduled on flexible days and times. Classes are formed according to the students’ level and academic fields and attendance is free.


Counselling Support

Counselling is a process that aims to facilitate personal and interpersonal functioning with a focus on emotional, educational and health related problems. Considering the university setting, counselling encompasses a wide range of practices that help students to improve their well being, alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crises and increase their ability to live more highly functioning lives. In DEI College the provision of counselling support to students is very important. Counselling aids students to discuss their concerns in a specific and focused way, so that they acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, their achievements and failures concerning personal or academic issues.


Technical Support

Computer labs at DEI College are fully equipped with state-of-the-art network connections, computers, printers, scanners and projectors. They are mainly used for Computing courses but all students, regardless of their programme of study, are free to use them when preparing their assignments. The computer facilities are open from 9:00 to 21:00 and students can check their availability through the college’s secretariat. A computer station with internet access is also available at DEI College’s library, where there are also photocopying machines, printers and scanners. Wi-fi network is available in the entire building and all students can have advice on system upgrading or technical support for their personal computers.