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Postgraduate Placement

Postgraduate Placement

A postgraduate degree is an essential qualification for a successful career in today’s labour market. DEI College, with years of experience in British higher education, is the right step for any prospective student who wishes to obtain a postgraduate degree from a British university.

More specifically, DEI College can help candidates:

  • Select a programme that leads to a recognised title, taking into account the classification of their first degree, the university rankings, the relevant application submission deadlines
  • Complete the application process and preliminary communication with prospective universities
  • Compile their CV and collect all necessary application documents
  • Request the reference letters that will accompany their applications
  • Submit their accommodation application for a position in a hall of residence
    Improve their command of the English language and achieve the required grade in the relevant English Language Test
  • Track the course of their application
  • Renegotiate (if necessary) their application with the prospective universities


A Postgraduate Loan is available to help students pay for their Master Course. In the academic year 2016-17, the British government started granting loans to EU students who wish to study on a postgraduate level at a UK University. Eligible to apply for a Postgraduate Loan, are EU citizens who do not already hold a postgraduate certificate.

All those eligible, can apply for a loan of up to £10.000 that can be used to cover tuition and/or living cost. The amount will be deposited to the students’ bank account in three installments throughout the academic year. Following graduation, graduates will be asked to repay the amount they borrowed but only if their income is over £21.000 annually. Repayments will be based on the graduates’ income and not the amount they borrowed.

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