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Students Accommodation

Students Accommodation

DEI College International Office offers advice and guidance on all accommodation issues. There is a good selection of private accommodation offered directly by the owners or through Agencies. Accommodation expenses in Thessaloniki vary according to the area, condition of flat, facilities, etc. Usually flats in the downtown area are old and more expensive than in other areas. Students must note that although Thessaloniki is a big city, it is very easy to travel around, and no matter how far away you find a flat, bus service will be available.

Types of Accommodation
– Private Student Accommodation

Private student accommodations are not owned by DEI College but may appear to be similar to the traditional halls of residence. These are fully furnished studio or one apartment. There are located in new or refurbished buildings in Thessaloniki city centre. Studios are 18 sq.m and the 2-bedroom apartments 55 sq.m.

Below you may find a list of amenities in private student accommodation studio or apartment;

  • Kitchen / Kitchenette (hot plates, air-extractor, sink, fridge)
  • Gas / solar heating
  • Hot water 24/7
  • Communal laundry facility (washing-drying machines, ironing boards)
  • Communal GYM (weights, ping-pong table, etc)
  • Communal study room
  • Bicycle parking
  • Storage area
  • Central water filter
  • Fire alarm and fire safety equipment
  • Security cameras
  • Double glazed windows
  • Access control cards
  • Elevator
  • Wired or wireless internet access in every room


You can either rent a 2 bedroom with a roommate or rent a studio by yourself. It is a relatively easy option compared to renting a private house as your bills are included, communal areas are cleaned and looked after, and there are maintenance staff on site.

Additional Private Student Accommodation

Some additional options that we have a collaboration with, are the following:

Thessaloniki Student Housing (TSH)   –

Oikotrust –





Private Renting

For years this has been the most popular form of student accommodation. DEI College will provide you with a list of agents and apartment owners and you will need to deal with a landlord or an agent who will have certain expectations about how you use and maintain the property.

Consider the cost carefully as a cheap house will be cheap for a reason – either size, location or quality, and bills will be payable on top of the rent. These apartments can be furnished or not. The benefit of renting a non furnished apartment is that you can decorate it on your own and make it feel homey. The other benefit is that the agent you will choose will be responsible to show you apartments based on your needs and budget.

  • Condominium Expenses

    Every apartment is subject to maintenance fees which are not included to the price of rent. These charges vary according to the type of building and the facilities available. If the building has central heating, the charge for it is also included in the monthly maintenance fees.

  • Tenancy Agreements

    When you rent an apartment you need to sign an official contract. Upon signing the contract it is requested to pay a deposit on top of the first months rent. Also, please keep in mind that in order to sign an apartment contract, you will need to have a TAX ID number. Please contact the International Students Office for information on how to obtain one.

Though DEI College has no dormitories, DEI College International office provides guidance and help students to find suitable for their requirements accommodation. Before you come it is advisable to take care of your accommodation. Through the International Office you can find a possible flat mate from your country, deal with the accommodation matters and discuss about the lease agreement before signing the contract. July-August is a good time period to look for a flat and rent it since at that time you will have more options. If you are not clear with any of the above don’t hesitate to contact and advise the International Office of DEI College.